Steve Fossett Lives


History has always recognized those who give up their lives to save another. They are called heroes. Fire-fighters have been seen rushing into fiery infernos to save those who might be trapped. And mothers have been known to perish attempting to rescue their children from danger.

One only has to read the pages of history to see incidents of heroism repeated over and over again where one human being will sacrifice much to save another. Some are called to be heroes and that quality seems to be an integral part of their nature.

There is another kind of hero unsung and unidentified. These are the ones who in the planning stages before they incarnated here, intend to give up their lives so others might live theirs more abundantly.

While on Earth these individuals become world renown and their name recognition gives them a platform to pass along information to the masses from the other side.

As you are probably aware, Steve Fossett disappeared on September 3rd, 2007. There was mystery surrounding this event as everyone knew that Steve was an experienced adventurer and a survivor. There are those who couldn't accept the circumstances of his disappearance as his plane wasn't found even though great efforts were made to find it - and the crash site that "turned up" will prove not to be.

Through a string of unusual circumstances, Steve finally reached out from other side and revealed his story.

If you are not familiar with metaphysics and the world of spirit, this may seem an unlikely story. Steve Fossett's story is most plausible and acceptable. The story he relates is within the workings of the spirit world.

Either way, whether you are a believer or not, it is highly recommended that you allow your adventure to begin and read his story. It will surely open up your thoughts to new levels of possibilities, and for Steve this represents the beginning of a new kind of adventure.